By Ariana Billingsley, SBTDC/PTAC counselor at East Carolina University

Practicon is a Greenville, North Carolina company, established in 1982. The company is a developer and distributor of dental products, committed to help healthcare professionals improve patient care and professional success by providing distinctive products and services in ways that build lasting relationships. Practicon directly serves over 30,000 customers in all 50 states and Canada through its catalog, website, telemarketing activities, and special market sales.

Their global customers include individuals, businesses, and educational institutions, both public and private, whose primary objective is the dental treatment of patients, the education of those who provide such treatment, and the distribution of products and services used in the dental profession.

If you think that you have read about Practicon before, you would be correct. The company was featured in an article last summer highlighting their success with increasing their government sales through micro purchases.

Late last summer the company was awarded the DLA ECAT contract. ECAT is an online ordering, distribution and payment system providing DoD and other federal customers access to multiple manufacturers and distributors commercial catalogs. This contracting vehicle also enables deploying military units to rapidly acquire the full spectrum of products necessary to satisfy their requirements for consumable and shelf-life medical/surgical and pharmaceutical products. The ECAT contract was developed to streamline business practices and expanded procurement options.

Annual sales through ECAT have grown from $2.6 million in 1999 to $390 million in FY15. With sales in excess of $25 million per month, ECAT provides significant opportunities for contractor holders, which now include Practicon.

But ECAT is only part of the recent month’s success for Practicon. Just this month they were awarded the VA Federal Supply Schedule 65 II C Contract. Like GSA Schedule contracts, the VA Schedules are indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity type contracts. With over $10 billion in sales, the VA FSS Service supports the healthcare requirements of the VA and other federal government agencies by providing Federal customers with access state-of-the-art commercial products and services.

The road to these results has been long and not without bumps, but Practicon’s commitment to making this happen never wavered. They also understand the importance of partners, such as PTAC, and their assistance along the way. That assistance materialized in the form of advice about the procurement process and sometimes just a sounding board for ideas. This relationship will continue in the future as Practicon continues to grow and achieve other milestones.

For further information on Practicon or if you are interested in the products they provide please visit their website

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