Contracting Success: Locklear, Locklear & Jacobs, PLLC

By Terry Stroud, SBTDC/PTAC Counselor at Fayetteville State University

Formed in 2009, Locklear, Locklear & Jacobs, PLLC is a Native American-owned provider of engineering services. The company is located in Pembroke, NC and has worked with the SBTDC and NC PTAC since 2012. Over the years, PTAC has assisted the client with securing and maintaining the registrations necessary to do business with the government, and their efforts to make government contracting a significant part of their business mix. When I spoke with the client about the possibility of writing a success story based on their company the client responded:

“Thank you for considering us and most of all for assisting our company to boost our levels of opportunities/productivity.”

The client has been very receptive to PTAC assistance, and has spent the time and effort necessary to effectively market their services in the government contracting arena. In 2015 their efforts have been rewarded with a sales increase of over 51% compared to 2014. Though the government contracting performed in 2015 has been largely local and State subcontracting business, the government contracting segment of their business now accounts for 58% of their yearly gross sales. This figure is dramatically up from previous years, and is a good indication that their government contracting marketing efforts are hitting the mark, significantly contributing to the 51% overall sales increase experienced in 2015.

We will continue our work with LL&J to, hopefully, continue this upward trend and begin increasing their success with the Federal portion of their contracting efforts. The client has set realistic goals for themselves, achieved the necessary registrations and certifications that are applicable for their company, and have achieved a level of success in subcontracting that I have not seen in quite a while. I look forward to the coming year working with them, and I fully expect their efforts will continue to pay big dividends for 2016. For more info on LL&J, please visit their website at

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