Blingbook Takes the Cake at 2015 Edison Project Business Competition

Edison Project 2015

2015 Edison Project First Place winners, Blingbook, stand with Jeff Neuville (CVCC SBC Director) and Byron Hicks (ASU SBTDC Director)

The finale of the 2015 Edison Project Business Competition was held Monday night. Over a six-month period,11 finalists attended workshops on “The Pitch” and “Elements of a Business Plan” facilitated by the SBTDC. Afterwards, they presented a 15-minute pitch to an investor panel (including Tim Janke and local investors), wrote a 12-page business plan and presented a 5-minute pitch at a public finale on Monday, November 16.

The first place winner, Blingbook, received $10,000. The second place winner received $5,000, and third place winner received $3,000. The first and second place winners are both SBTDC clients.

In its fifth year, The Edison Project is sponsored by the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce and is co-chaired by Byron Hicks (SBTDC) and Jeff Neuville (CVCC SBC Director). It is a celebration and recognition of the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the Catawba County area. The Edison project looks for entrepreneurs who have an idea for innovative viable business for the Hickory Metro area that they would like to submit for consideration and review by a panel of judges.

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