Cherry's Sporting Goods

Cherry’s was founded in 1929 by Earl P. Cherry in Geneseo, Illinois, upon his death in 1950 his son, Robert E.P. Cherry, took over management of the company. Robert expanded the business very aggressively. He pursued this new gun collecting phenomenon, growing Cherry’s into the world’s largest commemorative gun dealer and placing it in the international firearms spotlight. At the end of 1981, after serving the walk-in customer for 53 years, Cherry’s closed their retail store to focus exclusively on the expanding mail order segment of the business. Cherry’s operated a mail order business with a complete showroom from 1981 through 1985.
In 1985, Robert retired; the business was sold to a parent company and moved to Greensboro, North Carolina. Kevin Cherry stepped into his father’s role as President and ran the business from 1985 to 1987.
At that time, it became clear that the parent company’s philosophy of business was not compatible with the philosophy that the original Cherry’s had operated under. The business was later sold back to Kevin. The “new” Cherry’s was “re-opened” in August of 1989. During the years from the re-opening until now, their reach has steadily expanded and Cherry’s now serves gun collectors in all 50 states and 19 foreign countries. Their philosophy is the same now as it has been for 86 years … to offer a good product at a fair price. They strive to find the best and most desirable firearms and then advertise them accurately, without over-describing their assets. This, combined with a liberal return policy, has given them a fine niche in the marketplace from which they hope to prosper for another 86 years.
In August a Contract Specialist with the National Park Service Midwest Region reached out to Cherry’s Sporting Goods. The intent was to receive a quote and make a purchase of some muskets. The buyer was looking for a French 1766 musket and a 1795 Springfield musket. Kevin Cherry was the right man. The next hurdle was to get Cherry’s Sporting Goods registered in SAM. The National Park Service Contracting Specialist engaged the NC PTAC Director for assistance. The Director in turned requested the local PTAC Counselor to follow up with Kevin.
After a little research it was determined Cherry’s had not previously registered in SAM. Kevin used a PTAC Checklist to gather the information needed before beginning the SAM registration process. DUNS number, NAICs codes, business and financial information were all obtained.
Using the “SAM Quick Guide provided for Registering Your Entity” Kevin rolled through the registration. A couple hours after his initial phone conversation with the PTAC Counselor, Kevin submitted his SAM application. The famous words “You submitted your registration. It is now being processed “appeared.
A couple days later Cherry’s Sporting Goods received notification their SAM registration was Active. A short time later Cherry’s Sporting Goods received the award for the muskets.
By George Griffin, PTAC Counselor at North Carolina A&T University

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