American Billiard Company

By Terry Stroud, PTAC Counselor at Fayetteville State University

American Billiard Company, Inc. is a Charlotte, NC company formed in 1992. The company operates a retail store providing Game Room equipment sales and service. Presented with an opportunity of a contract to repair pool tables at Camp Lejeune, the client began the process of registering his company to do business with the Federal Government, the client was successful in securing his DUNS number, but immediately ran into issues completing the process. The client reached out to the PTAC for assistance, as he was in danger of missing out on a potential opportunity. The client and I spoke regarding PTAC services available for small businesses in North Carolina and resolving his immediate needs.

As I worked with the client, we identified several issues preventing him from completing his SAM entity registration. These included a virus on his computer and a general lack of knowledge of the government contracting process. We were able to work through the client’s issues and successfully get his company registered in SAM. Immediately following this, he was awarded a contract with performance beginning last week.

Once I was able to work the client through his immediate needs to secure the contract, we began reviewing the government contracting process and the client has now gained a good understanding of how to proceed. We went through a crash course covering issues ranging from actually getting on post to perform the work and learning how to use Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). I will assist the client through a successful completion of his current contract and then we will continue working with the client to prepare him for future opportunities.

With a successful completion of his first contract, we have discussed his opportunities at many other military bases within driving distance of his location. The client has unique capabilities that will give him a good chance of success going forward. The repair and maintenance of pool tables on the various posts are a recurring opportunity that could well secure his business a steady source of income from government contracts. The client is excited about this new revenue stream and eager to learn more about the process. I will continue to support the client with PTAC assistance and look forward to his future successes.

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