2015 Service Award Winners

It was with hearts full of gratitude that we celebrated the SBTDC Service Awards at our recent Professional Development Conference in Wilmington, NC. This year was a special occasion, as it marked significant milestones for thirteen of our employees ranging from five years of service to 30.

Thirty Years of Service Award (1985)IMG_9934

The thirty years of service award has only been presented to one other SBTDC employee, Scott Daugherty, our State Director who has been with the SBTDC since its inception in 1984.  These two outstanding members of the community have also been with us for nearly that entire ride, and we want to thank them for their incredible dedication to their clients and to their centers.  You are an example to us all.

Michael Twiddy

Michael began his SBTDC career as a business counselor, and was promoted to Regional Center Director in 2013.  He’s well known in Northeastern NC, and has helped countless businesses start and grow.  Michael is also one of the founders of the NC Aquaculture Development Conference, a premiere event for aquaculture farmers, researchers and industry supporters in NC.

Carolyn Wilburn

Carolyn began her SBTDC career as an administrative assistant in the Greenville office, obtained an MBA at ECU, was promoted to a counselor position, and then hired as the Regional Center Director in 2005.  Carolyn has been a leader in business disaster loan activities in the aftermath of Hurricanes Bertha, Fran and Floyd.  She also went to the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina to support disaster recovery there.

20 Years of Service (1995)


Wendy Cagle

15 Years of Service (2000)


Barbara Odom

10 Years of Service (2005)


Kevin McConnaghy, Chris Conant (not pictured), Debbie Hathaway (not pictured)

5 Years of Service (2010)


Janies Mueller, Rebecca Barbour, George Griffin, Ryan Taylor, Bob Weston, Johnnie Marshburn (not pictured)

To all of you, we wish you congratulations and thank-you for your hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to improving the small and midsize businesses in the state of North Carolina.

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