Snider Fleet Solutions

By George Griffin, SBTDC/PTAC Counselor at North Carolina A&T University

Snider Fleet Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1976 by John H. Snider, father of current President/CEO John K. Snider. Mr. Snider Senior purchased General Tire Service, a local dealer in Greensboro, North Carolina, and renamed the company Snider Tire, Inc.

In 2012 the company adopted Snider Fleet Solutions as their “doing business as (dba)” name to better reflect the scope of what they offer in products and services.

Steven Reed, Governmental Sales Development Manager, began working with a PTAC counselor in March 2011. He was looking for assistance with federal opportunities and is an example of an individual that “did it right”.

At the time, Snider was already successful with local and state government contracting. Federal government agencies want to contract with companies that have proven track records of success. The risk of associating with start-up companies is often too high for the commitment of tax-payer dollars.

Steven sought counsel with completing registrations, creating their capability statement and finding websites to aid with competitor research and analysis. He was realistic and aware this move to federal contracting would require a significant amount of time and not produce a quick payback.

Steven recalls, “The first contract I reviewed was 70 pages in length and almost made me think the business was not for us. After counseling with PTAC and much study Snider Fleet Solutions was able to start submitting bids. We won a 3-year contract in May 2012 and shipped our first order in December 2012.”

PTAC assistance was provided in locating a technical bid package and in other areas such as creating a Small Business Subcontracting Plan on the first bid proposals. Steven remembered the Subcontracting plan to be another hurdle until discussed with a PTAC counselor.

Steven aggressively sought bid opportunities on FBO. In 2012 Snider received three awards. These awards turned into shipments in Dec. 2012 and 2013, a little over two years after Steven began seeking government contracts. He attends PTAC seminars and is a regular attendee at events such as Marketplace 2015.

Snider Fleet Solutions has continued to win awards in 2013 and 2014. This year Steven shared the story that he is now working on bid proposals for the first time that his company is the incumbent! Steven offered some advice for those just starting out. “Working with the government can be a lengthy process. I was recently asked to extend acceptance price on a bid by 100 days. As the incumbent, you know what the customer and government inspectors expect. It’s always better to give them more than they asked for.” For additional information about Snider Tire, visit

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