GSA Announces New Contractor Assessment Reports

From the Friday Flash (June 12, 2015) –¬†Coalition for Government Procurement
Selected by Nick Economou, PTAC Counselor at UNC-Charlotte

This morning GSA announced a new tool for contract compliance, The Contractor Assessment Report. Issued by Industrial Operations Analysts, the new tool will be used beginning Monday June 15. The report succeeds the Contractor Assistance Visit Report and the Administrative Report Card.

The Contractor Assessment Report is designed to provide more effective feedback to contractors and the acquisition community. Shortly after the completion of the contractor assessment with the IOA, the Contractor Assessment Report will be completed and made available simultaneously to both the contractor and the Contracting Officer. The Assessment Report will provide a “snapshot” of a firm’s ability to meet important terms and conditions of the GSA contract at the time of the contractor assessment. Its purpose is to identify areas where a contractor is successful as well as areas needing improvement. The Assessment Report is an internal informational tool used by the contractor as well as GSA to highlight areas of potential concern-it is not distributed externally.

According to GSA, the Assessment Report is designed to provide contractors with helpful feedback on how they are managing the many obligations that come with holding a Schedule contract. It deals strictly with performance against contract terms and conditions and is visible only within GSA and to the individual contractor. The new report will focus on contracts that are more likely to have compliance issues by conducting more frequent assessments. The likelihood of such issues will be based on yearly sales.

View a Sample Contractor Assessment Report >>


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