PTAC Success Story: Practicon

By Ariana Billingsley, SBTDC/PTAC Counselor at East Carolina University

Practicon, Inc., is a Greenville, North Carolina company, established in 1982. The company is a developer and distributor of dental products, committed to help healthcare professionals improve patient care and professional success by providing distinctive products and services in ways that build lasting relationships. Practicon directly serves over 30,000 customers in all 50 states and Canada through its catalog, website, telemarketing activities, and special market sales.

Their global customers include individuals, businesses, and educational institutions, both public and private, whose primary objective is the dental treatment of patients, the education of those who provide such treatment, and the distribution of products and services used in the dental profession.

Practicon has been doing business with the government for the last 10 years, however all their transaction have been under the micro purchase threshold, that is, each purchase has been below $3,000. In order to expand their federal government market share, Practicon needed to look beyond the micro-purchases and focus on other contracting vehicles. Practicon reached out to their local PTAC for assistance with SAM (System for Award Management) registration, DIBBS (Defense Logistics Agency Internet Bid Board System), FBO (Federal Bid Opportunity), WAWF (Wide Area Work Flow), and VA FSS (Veterans Affairs Federal Supply Schedule), all of which are essential and powerful tools to expand their government business.

Practicon has recently won their second bid from DLA through DIBBS. PTAC helped them navigate the procedures of invoice submission through WAWF, and as a result they received timely payment. This winning record is bound to further build a solid foundation for Practicon among government customers, and help expand their market share beyond micro purchases.

Praction will continue to rely on their partnership with PTAC for assistance with various items including their VA Federal Service Schedule, marketing to DoD and VA Medical Centers in the U.S. as well as their DLA Electronic Catalog (ECAT) proposal.

Doing business with the government is a never ending challenge, and Practicon believes that their relationship with PTAC has assisted them in avoiding costly and time consuming missteps. They will continue to rely on PTAC to be a key partner in their future expansion and success.

For further information on Practicon or if you are interested in the products they provide please visit their website.

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