The North Carolina Eastern Region and the North Carolina Military Business Center are pleased to host the "FOOD 4 THE FORCES" event.

The FOOD 4 THE FORCES event is a statewide business development opportunity that will connect NC growers and food producers with military buyers, and educate NC producers on Department of Defense (DoD) food acquisition processes.  The event is intended to promote business connections between food producers and the military procurement system.  Specific goals include promoting opportunities for NC producers to supply:

–  fresh and prepared products at DoD Commissaries nationally

–  foodstuffs for troop dining facilities at bases in NC and neighboring states

–  prepared foods for sale at recreation and military exchange facilities

–  foodstuffs to contractors who provide tactical rations to DoD

The event will bring local food producers, processors and suppliers together with the military food service, on-base retail food providers and their primary vendors.  It will serve to highlight existing successes as well as promote additional opportunities for the provision of local food products to North Carolina's military bases.

For additional information and registration please contact Courtney Smedick,

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