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Raising equity capital is challenging at best. Becoming an Investor-Ready Entrepreneur TM is designed to educate and prepare growth-oriented entrepreneurs to successfully engage private equity investors. Getting ready includes a wide range of activities and decisions that will help the entrepreneur with their business in a number of ways. This program was developed with direct input from experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors, angel networks/fund executives and venture capitalists, and provides an "insider’s look" into the world of equity funding. By viewing investors as "customers of equity", entrepreneurs can reduce barriers to funding, navigate the process more easily, and increase the chances of obtaining funding for their business.

Find out what investors look for and expect from the companies they fund
Learn about the equity funding "food chaing"
Learn how to make your company "investor-ready" (and improve your business while you’re at it)
Assess your own "readiness" at each step of the way
Hear from those who’ve "done it". Panelists will include serial entrepreneurs and angel investors who’ve "been there". 
Receive a comprehensive workbook, ongoing counseling support and access to additional online resources 
Save countless hours and enhance your chances of successfully raising equity capital

Panelists and moderators include:
John Cambier, NC IDEA – early stage fund executive
Deana Labriola, Ward and Smith, P.A. – business attorney
Ed Ergenzinger, Ward and Smith, P.A. – IP attorney
David Mayo, IMAF-East – investor
Tim Janke, SBTDC / IMAF – investor and early stage fund executive
Bill Parrish, SBTDC – consultant, entrepreneur and investor
LUNCHEON KEYNOTE: Christopher Mumford, Joe Start up
A serial entrepreneur, specializing in education technology, consumer products & social networks, Christopher has raised over $30 million in VC and private equity funds
The Becoming an Investor-Ready Entrepreneur registration fee is $295; however, you are eligible for a special scholarship rate of $95 courtesy of our state and local sponsors.
For more information, please go to:
or contact Carolyn Wilburn at 252.737.1385 /

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